Episode 48

Published on:

31st May 2022

An Hour of Soul Power With Guest Susie Beiler

Shamanic teacher, John Moore, is joined by special guest Susie Beiler https://susiebeiler.com to talk about the soul, the shadow, soul purpose, our divine spark, and the divine masculine and feminine.

Besides her healing practice, Susie will be hosting the upcoming Soul Power Symposium, she is also the creator of https://creationtemple.com.

Along the way, John and Susie discuss things like past lives, parallel lives, and healing.

Join us for a fun and enlightening conversation.


Announcer 0:28

Hello, and welcome to speaking spirit where we talk about all things spiritual. Your host, John Moore is a shamanic practitioner and spiritual teacher. And now here's John.

John Moore 0:44

Hey, everybody. I have a very special episode of this podcast today. I'm very excited. I don't have a lot of guests on this show, I guess because I like hearing myself talk, I don't know. But

I'm very pleased to have a guest today and I don't want to delay at all. So I'm going to I'm going to introduce her and you'll pardon me if if I'm reading a little bit her bio because she's got a lot going on, and I try not to get anything wrong. My guest today is Susie Baylor and she is a certified holistic health practitioner, and a foundation of the Creation temple and I love that name and online library, supporting Lightworkers in their spiritual path. Suzie is a living example of the balance Divine Feminine masculine also love that working with deeply sensitive empaths to tap into their divine power, master their energy, and live their soul mission. She's a dynamic public speaker, and I can attest to that with a commanding stage presence. She lives and leads retreats in Sedona, Arizona, one of the most beautiful places on earth and enjoys nature, authentic authenticity and high vibrational food. You can find her website and I will link to it underneath this as well is WWW dot Susy baylor.com S U S, i e, B E I L E r.com and www dot creation temple.com and www W that's three W three w is dot Sedona rebirthing retreats.com. And we're also going to talk about something very exciting coming up. Well, if you're listening to this in in the end of May or June, something very exciting. That's coming up in June. But welcome Susie, thank you so much for being my guest today.

Susie Beiler 2:48

Thank you so much for having me, John. This is so much fun to be here.

John Moore 2:52

Did I did I do well, with your introduction, I realized I editorialized a little bit but

Susie Beiler 2:58

awesome. And I'll just make one correction.

Don't feel bad because most people get it wrong. It's the pronunciation of my last name, which is by Beiler oh my gosh, that's terrible. That's, that's, that's my worst sin. i i But thank you for correcting me because I really, really don't like to pronounce people's name incorrectly. Like it's, it's that's a super important thing to me. So thank you for thank you for that correction. I appreciate it. I would hate to think that I was

John Moore 3:29

repeatedly calling you the wrong thing.

Susie Beiler 3:31

And no worries. And people do it all the time. So like I said, don't feel bad about

John Moore 3:35

it. It's it's hard. I mean, my I guess I was, you know, fortunate, unfortunate. My name is really common. I mean, you know, my last name is like the, you know, one of the 16th most common names in the US or something like that.

Yeah. And John is, you know, super, super common. So nobody, nobody ever mispronounces my name.

How do you describe soul? What's your definition of soul?

Susie Beiler 5:32

Yeah, that's a big question. So I'll do my best for my human understanding and experience.

I had described soul as that truest, most whole part of ourselves. And I understand that, you know, sometimes we do need soul healing. But the way Prime Creator, and this is the energy that I channel, for those of you who don't know, my work, the way Prime Creator describes soul is that there's a, there's a core, that is always hole, there's a core that can't be touched. So even if we have soul wounding, it's, it's more of the outer layers. It's not at that core. So we have this amazing resource for our human existence and our human experience, we have this amazing resource to call upon, to help us make decisions to help us get clear about things to help us understand why we're here on this planet, our purpose, our mission. And my understanding is that the soul goes on a journey throughout its existence. So we don't always take on human incarnation. Sometimes it's animal, sometimes it's, you know, semi formless, semi physical. And during all of our travels, we gather information, we gather wisdom, we go through learnings and lessons and other realms and realities. And our soul remembers all of that our soul hosts and holds all of that, if you will. So when we come into this human existence, we have all of that wisdom from all of those different places, dimensions, realms, and we can activate it here in our human experience. And so I think of like people who are naturally good at playing piano, or they have these skills that they seem to be born with, and it's like, well, how do they know how to do that? And my guess would be

that that's part of what what's in their soul?

John Moore 7:39

ditions going back, you know,:

Susie Beiler:

Um, not, not so much that I'm aware of, I can certainly grasp the idea of that as a possibility. And it is an interesting exploration, right? Because I have in my own family, I have, I wonder sometimes about certain people in my family. And if there are connections that way. It's, it's fascinating. And then then you sort of get into deeper inquiries about well, could part of their soul have reincarnated with this soul? Or?

John Moore:

Yeah, it's, it can be pretty mind boggling. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Um, you know, and then there's,

I did a class once on parallel life healing, which is something that I do, but that's sort of really mind twisty, that there are other versions of ourselves running around, and other other, you know, split realities, you know, every time, almost every time we make a decision, we're kind of splitting off the tree of causation. So there's potentially infinite versions of ourselves running around out there. And do you think that those infinite versions all have the same soul? Or they all have different souls? I don't, I don't know. To be honest, I don't know how to describe it. I think in my take from it, we.

And I think I'm kind of describing this the same thing that you were describing, but maybe using different language. And I find that that that tends to be true that people are really kind of talking about the same stuff, but have different language to describe it. Sure. So we all come from source, right? Some people call that God or the universe, or the creator, or the grand arkitekter. You know, words don't, words are limited words are very limited to describe what sources. So source is this singularity that has no, I describe it as, like, if you could think of an endless light that has no, no center, and no circumference, it is everywhere, in everything, and across all universes. And so then it like, if you can imagine this infinite bright white light that you stick a prism in front of that split off into all of these little beams of light, different colored beams. Those little beams are like us, we're all kind of thinking of ourselves as these individual beings. But if we trace our, if we trace our route back, we're all coming from the same source. If you were to remove that prism, then we would all just be source again. But if in this is not possible, but if you were to shut off source, we wouldn't exist, they would all cease cease to exist, because we are source, we're just flavors, we're just prisms of light. And that's my, that's sort of my, my take on that. So part of us is every part of it is every I see it as everything's connected to everything. And, you know, it's, it's very difficult to, to, to sort of differentiate, is this, you know, is a parallel life that kind of the same? Are we what are we sharing between parallel lives? Well, you know, we're sharing source, at least, you know, and there must be something we're sharing if this is a version of me on the other side, but to know what that is, when I see it in Germany, it almost looks like a person. You remember the movie, The Matrix, when they had like the green characters running down the screen, when people would go into the matrix. It looks a little bit like that to me, but it's like the shape of the person but like, you know, colors and lights and, you know, and then when you merge the person with this, when you do this parallel life, healing, this merging, the person just gets really, really bright, gets really brighter. It'd be cool though, if I could merge with say, the version of me that that became fluent in French and then all of a sudden start speaking French like that would I would love that. I

Susie Beiler:

call that integrating our soul aspects. So we can put parallel lives parallel universes into that understanding where one soul, we're multi dimensional, we interface with many realms and realities, we're multi faceted as a soul. And so those multifaceted those facets could be parallel lives were parallel universes, right? So when we integrate our soul aspects, that means that we're taking all those different facets of our soul, whether shadow or light, and we're integrating them to heal, to expand to evolve.

John Moore:

Yeah, for sure. And I'm glad you mentioned shadow and because

Shadow Work is a really important part of what I do as well. And so, you know, one of the, I guess synonyms for the shadow is the exile. Right? It's the part of ourselves, we kick out, we're like, I don't want to look at you. Because my parents told me that's not okay. Or I somehow from society told me that part is undesirable, or, you know, I feel like I'm spiritually evolved and shouldn't feel anger anymore, or, you know, whatever, whatever it is, whatever it is, I've decided, I'm going to shoot this part away from me. But that's not any less a part of you than the stuff we we tried to turn towards the stuff we tried to embrace. And I think you're, you know, when I, when I do shadow work with people, it's amazing how much power gets released within people, because they've been, first of all, spending a lot of effort to push this part of themselves down. But also they now they're integrating a part of themselves. They are they're pulling something, and it was something they didn't want to look at before.

Susie Beiler:

But even more power when it's integrated.

John Moore:

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, I think so I had this fear. This was my fear when I first started doing shadow work for myself with my teachers. And was that okay, let's say there's this part of me that, I don't know. I mean, there, there isn't. But let's say there's this part of me that wants to be a serial killer. If I integrate like that would be in the shadow, if I integrate that. And that's, you know, I think that's a fear that a lot of people have, like, all of a sudden, I'm gonna pull in these parts of myself that I've locked away for a reason. And it's going to change and I'm all of a sudden going to become antisocial or something like that. And that's not that's, that's not it at all. That's not what that's not what happened. That's not what happens at all right. Right. It's the, it's the holding that stuff down. That's the unhealthy part.

Susie Beiler:

Exactly, yeah. When you integrate a part of yourself, whether it's shadow or light, there is more power there is, you know, it goes back to that core, there's a core of our being a shadow is just a little piece, right? We are or who we were. And so when you integrate that you're just becoming more whole, that's all that's happening, you're not, you're not going to turn into that which you fear. And I also see with with the light people, we also suppress the light. So as much as we suppress the shadow, sometimes we suppress the light, we have just as great a fear of the light sometimes, because of how powerful it is, or because of how illuminating it is, you know, if you integrate an aspect of your light, suddenly you're more illuminated, and it shines light on your shadow. So it's this interesting polarity dance that we do.

John Moore:

It is it is and I and you're absolutely right. Like some people. It's like the fear of success that some people have, there's lots of fear. And it sounds almost counterintuitive. Why would it be afraid of being successful? Or why would I be afraid of being my, you know, approaching my light or really embodying that. And, you know, there's lots of reasons for that. One is that we're very, as human beings, we're very homeostatic, we try to stay, even our bodies try to stay in the same place all the time. Like we we only operate within a very limited temperature range, we only operate within a very limited pH range in our bloodstream, and anything outside of that we get sick, or you know, or worse. And so, sometimes change is scary. But I promise you, if you do shadow or light work, you will not you won't get sick or die. That's not. That's not we're all gonna die someday. But if that's not what's gonna, that's not what's gonna happen during shadow or it will not. If if it was I would be dead by now, trust me. I've been doing lots and lots of lots and lots of that stuff for years. I also want to touch because you mentioned your bio. Well, you mentioned a lot of things that I'm extremely interested in, in stuff that I've talked about quite a lot as well. And you talk about being a living example of embodying the Divine Feminine And the divine masculine. And this is a really, really important topic to me for a lot of reasons. One, because we've been living in a patriarchy for, you know, several 1000 years, and that hasn't served anybody extremely well. But I also think people have kind of a twist, twisted idea of masculinity and femininity that is not has nothing to do with the divine, masculine and feminine. And that causes a lot of problems in our world. So I would love to hear, in your words, how you would describe the divine masculine, and the divine feminine, what balancing those kind of looks like.

Susie Beiler:

For me, the the divine masculine is focused, driven, motivated, grounded.

The, for me, the divine feminine is very receptive, warm, soft. Receiving, I said that already.

Because that's what she is. And there's a very, this is more divine mother, but there's a very, like unconditional love that comes from the divine feminine as well. And not that the divine masculine can't be that, but and not that, not that any of these are exclusive to either one. Sure, yeah. But it's just that there tends to be more of that nature. So as I've been developing the sole power symposium, I've been using my divine masculine, to get stuff done, you know, there are a lot of action items on my list that need to happen and get done. And then I've been using my divine feminine, to receive the right speakers and collaborators to receive the participants that are going to be consuming the content. And so there's this, there's this dance of, you know, making it happen, getting it done and allowing it to happen, and allowing it to be what it's meant to be allowing it to be its own creation. Yeah. feminine, the allowing,

John Moore:

yeah, I was gonna say that is a very feminine concept to me. And when I started out in my practice, I, you know, I think I came from a very, obviously, I'm male, identify as male. And I thought I always had to be doing something, right, I always had to be like, when I'm working with a client, I've got to be in there. And one of the things I found is just sitting back and holding space for people holding non judgmental space, which is very divine feminine. Like, that is, so there's more healing, that is so unbelievably healing. And it seems like while you're while you're not doing anything, you know, kind of kind of, but it's, it's an it's a not doing in a very special way in a very soul empowering way. And it's not the masculine wants to rescue, right. And if I rescue somebody, I'm sort of disempowering them. I'm saying, like, you need to be rescued. And I'm, but I can step back and, you know, offer help and offer support without rescuing. But really, if I can hold space, if I can embrace the feminine aspect, then people will self Empower, they'll heal. And just being witnessed is incredibly, incredibly powerful. I was shocked to discover that myself, but it really, really is, it really is a beautiful thing. And to hold that in. And I love the way that you describe that as being a dance. Right? Because I, I don't know that I've described it that way before. But that makes complete sense to me. That even in even in my work, even if it's one on one working with a client, or if I'm teaching a class, there is this real balance in Okay, now's the time for me to be active and do something. And now is the time for me to sit back and create a nerd just create a nurturing environment for this person to be able to grow and and since I've been really consciously doing that, it's it's been it's been quite eye opening. So yeah,

Susie Beiler:

I love this whole, this whole dance, this whole idea of how they can work together, you know, there's a time for everything. There's a time to move forward. There's a time to pull back. There's time to make things happen. There's a time to allow things to happen. And I've really gotten deeply in tune with those polarities. One is it I don't always get it right but you know, when do I put pull back and allow when do I step forward and take an action. I grew up very much with my in my masculine energy. So I'm very familiar with my masculine and how she he operates. I'm not sure how to say that. I'm very familiar with what that looks like. And for me misusing that has led to burnout, adrenal fatigue had chronic fatigue syndrome. It has led to taking too much action, and spinning my wheels and burning the candle at both ends. And it's like, well, when does the universe get a chance to step in and deliver if I'm always spinning? Right, right, I had to learn I had to learn what and who my feminine is and how to relax into her and how to allow her to take charge, which she doesn't take charge she allows.

John Moore:

I want to, I want to touch a little bit, because you mentioned you mentioned adrenal fatigue, which is something I went through as well. And you mentioned chronic fatigue. And I know that's part of your story and how you came into doing what you do. And I mean, if you if you don't mind talking about that a little bit and how and how you came into doing this very high level soul. I hate to use the word levels like there's, you know, this, but you know, it's very limitations. Yeah, I always, language trips me up all the time. This very empowering soul work that you do like you, you you have, as we all do, we all have a story about how we got attracted into this. But I think it's, I think it's important for people who might be listening to see. And, you know, I will frequently talk about my story, not that I'm trying to say, hey, look how awesome I am. But I'm just some dumb guy in Maine. And if I can heal from all of this stuff, so can you like I'm not special, I'm no better than anybody else. That's not the message, the but the so the message, I like to spread a message of hope I was in a really bad, bad place. And so I don't know if you if you if you feel okay with that, I would love to hear a little bit of your story and how you came into this? Because I do think that is an amazing thing for people to hear about.

Susie Beiler:

Yeah, well, there are a couple of levels and layers to this. So I grew up Mennonite, which is a part of the Christian religion. And it's very, it's a very set way of being and you know, rules you have to follow. And so there was a certain level of spiritual suppression going on with that. And then I also, like I was saying, I grew up in my masculine energy a lot. And so I was misusing my energy and my power in certain ways, you know, making things happen. And then it was also just, I came here for a reason. And I wasn't living my mission. And what I what I did, I was a pediatric occupational therapy. And there was a reason I went through that training, there was a reason I had that career. That was great. That was part of my journey. But that ultimately wasn't what I was meant to spend my time doing. And so my body had to kind of shut down and break down to free me from all the things that I was, you know, in bondage over. So I had a pretty miraculous experience, literally a light bulb moment on the acupuncture table, where all of a sudden, I just had this full knowing on every layer level, and part of my being that I was healed. But I didn't have the chronic fatigue anymore. And then what happened after that was a very dedicated journey, to be on my spiritual path, to live my sole mission to rewire my DNA to rewire my nervous system, to reconfigure everything that didn't work and didn't serve my sole mission. And that has become my sole focus in life. That is, that is who I am. That is what I do. That is my business. That is my play that is like everything is my sole mission. And I just want to say that that path isn't for everyone. So please don't compare yourself to me. Like John was saying, you know, I'm just this guy from Maine. I'm just this gal from Pennsylvania. You know, I'm not special. But I am special in the sense that I have chosen to focus on this and make this my life's work and make this the expression of my mission. So anyone can be special in that way as they choose it.

John Moore:

Absolutely. And I like that you said that I always tell people, you know, I'm going to talk about shamanism a whole lot because that's my path. But I don't recommend shamanism as a path for everybody. It's not, it's not. And I'm just like you, you have found your path. You found the thing and like I can feel when you're talking about that some some real similarities to what happened with me where I'm like, I'm gonna go heal myself. And then I found out, wow, this is my home, this is where I belong, this is what I belong doing. And when you hit that path, like you just, there's just that knowing that you're describing that knowing on all levels. This is what where I meant to be. This is what I meant to do. And I don't know if you found the same thing. But for me, when I found my path, like obstacles would just get pushed out of my way. Like I decided I was going to study shamanism. And I found a teacher who was offering an apprenticeship, and I contacted her and she goes, you've missed the introductory work, you've missed my last introductory class. I don't know, you know, all this, I was like, oh, gosh, I you know, I don't know. It's just Well, I suppose if you meet with me, you know, we'll, we'll talk about it, we'll, we'll figure it out. And I don't know why. But she accepted me and I, you know, I want I spent six years and study with her. And, you know, she is still she's retired from teaching, but she still is my still is my teacher. And you know, just lots and lots of things got moved, lots of obstacles got moved out of my path. And I think that just happens when you're, when you're in the right space, when you're doing what you what you're meant, meant to be doing. And I think, you know, in Sanskrit, they might call it your dharma, right, your path, this is your, your path. And that's really individual for every, for everybody, you know, could be who knows what?

Susie Beiler:

I would say yes, and no, I've, I've had those experiences. Yeah. Where it feels miraculous, like something just opens up. And I've also had those experiences where I have had to work incredibly hard for who I am for what I have in this life, to heal. And, and this is where I do feel it's different for everyone. And this was part of my understanding of the soul journey, whatever it is that I'm meant to achieve accomplish here, whatever in this lifetime, according to my soul, that's what I'm going to come in contact with. And I'm, I'm very much have the understanding and and the decision that I am getting it done this lifetime. So I don't know if that means I have more to overcome or more to heal or you know, but I have stuff built up from other realms realities, lifetimes, however you want to understand it that I need to take care of in this lifetime. I don't know if that just means that I'm in my own way. And in my mind sometimes, you know, I don't I don't know what it all means. I just know that my path has looked a certain way. I'm open to it being different. But I have had to overcome a lot. Sure. And, and sometimes, yeah, that has opened up when I have those breakthroughs. It opens up the pathways. And sometimes the pathways just open and it seems like I didn't have to do anything. So I feel like some of that is all kind of orchestrated at the soul level and it's not my business almost.

John Moore:

Yeah, absolutely. I couldn't agree more and in. In shamanism we talk about initiation a lot and initiation. You might go through a ceremony and I've went through a two year process of doing ceremony after ceremony, initiate initiation ceremonies, those are ceremonies. That's not what initiation is, though, when you go through a ceremony that a teacher or shamans putting you through that ceremony, but spirit initiates you and initiation on a shamanic level, which is I think anybody goes through this when you talk about things coming up and obstacles you have to overcome. I described as like putting your life in one of those snow globes and sticking it in a paint shaker and just shaking the heck out of it in those industrial paint mixers. Because that definitely, I mean, that's, that definitely has happened to me, I've gone through, you know, I've gone through relationships, I got divorced in the middle of my training, I you know, wound up in a relationship with, you know, somebody that ended in a really not so great way and I've been through huge, huge transitions. And you can't really you right, you can't really steer that so much. But I think there is absolutely a purpose to that to those initiations happening like it's, it's almost like you know, taking you apart so you can put yourself back together.

Susie Beiler:

Now, I know that All my deaths and rebirths have been part of the teaching and the guidance that I offer others. There's so much depth in what I've gone through that when a client comes to me, there are very few people I can't help at this point because of what I've gone through.

John Moore:

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And you know, when, when you become aware, when you hang up at this, when you become aware of your past and your parallel lives, and all this, this stuff coming in? Nothing surprises or shocks you so much anymore. You know, I talked to people a time ago, this is gonna sound weird, and I'm like, trust me. Nothing is gonna sound weird to me. And maybe something I've never encountered before. That's unlikely, but, um, you know, nothing. You told me. I'm gonna go wow, that is so out there. I couldn't I can't even conceive of that. Nothing's gonna shock me at that level at this point.

Susie Beiler:

Yeah, it's funny when not funny, but you know, clients will come and they'll be scared to share something. And I'm like, Listen, this is a safe space. Yeah. Kind of seen it all. Like, you're addicted to porn, okay, no big deal right now. Like, just all these things that people are so embarrassed or ashamed of? And it's like to, let's just put it into the light. You know, we'll take care of it. It's no big deal.

John Moore:

Right. Right. Yeah. And, and, but it is, it's challenging. Because people are used to modalities where they are judged for what they do. Like, you know, the medical model can be, can be in there are lots of great physicians out there. And I have I've had, in my shamanic training, I've had doctors and dentists and therapists and psychologists, I've had people, and I love that I love to see that I love to see people doing integrative things. A, I like to point this out, a giant Hawk just flew through the back of my yard. So while we're chatting here, always a really good sign. But, yeah, I mean, but yeah, I have people come to me with all kinds of stuff. And I just, I'm like, I never going to judge you. And, you know, and if during the session, something comes up, like you want to cry, you want to scream, you want to call me names, do it, whatever, pull it up, it wants to come out, once it comes out, you're, you know, it's, it's, you're gonna feel better. It's the holding that stuff down again, it's that pushing that stuff into the shadow. Because it's not okay for me to feel angry, or it's not okay for me to feel sad, or it's not okay for me to admit to somebody that I take recreational drugs are addicted to porn, or whatever, whatever it is that people are doing. First of all, you're not alone there, you know, millions of other people out there with the same things going on for them. And second of all, who am I to judge anybody? I'm not like I'm here to show up as I'm sure you are. I'm here to show up in love and love is non judgmental. It's, you know, it just is it just holds you it is it is complete and acceptance. And that is healing for so many people that in itself, even if I did nothing else, but just let people talk to me in a non judgmental way. It's like talk therapy. You know, the research shows that something like 85 to 90% of the benefit of talk therapy is just the relationship with the therapist. Like the technique doesn't matter that much in talk therapy. You'd be doing anything as long as they're not as long as they're letting you talk and not judging you. Isn't that amazing? Isn't that amazing? How we're built to heal from to heal that way.

Susie Beiler:

Yeah, just to hold like you were saying earlier to hold space for somebody most of us in this life don't have the experience of truly having someone hold space for us. So that isn't in and of itself is deeply healing it's profound.

John Moore:

Yeah, yeah. It it really is and I have been I have been blessed to have many practitioners as friends who have you know, I can I can you know if I feel like I need some work I can I have lots of people I can go to but I have had that I've had that experience and it's it's so it's hard to describe how beautiful it is from the other side but it's even be it's beautiful from this side as well. Like I feel amazing when I can do that for somebody When I see somebody getting a benefit from that I, I don't want to do anything else like this is this is it? This part of the reason why this is my path? It's there is no, there is no high like that, that I that I have ever experienced. There's nothing there's nothing quite like it and it's it's a little bit I'm sure you've seen way it's hard to describe almost.

Susie Beiler:

It's deeply fulfilling to be able to hold a non judgmental space for someone. And and I will say my work with channeling the Prime Creator energy has really boosted my ability to do that has really taught me a lot because when I first started bringing through the energy, I was like, wow, there's no judgement here. And I I have tended in my past to be very judgmental. And so it was very interesting to feel that energy contrast with mine because I'm a conscious channel I'm very, you know, aware when I'm bringing through the energy. And so I will feel my judgment, and then I'll feel Prime Creator energy and there's no judgment. And I'm like, Oh, this is interesting. You know, I get to notice my judgments.

John Moore:

Yeah, yeah. Let's I just we're we're, you know, we're coming up toward I can't believe we've been talking for the summer we're coming up towards the end of talk, but I want to it because I'm really interested in channeling and I have done I do some channeling but not. I don't really do it with clients that much. I do it for for as part of my training part of my other work and whatever. And I do it. I do it consciously as well. I'm aware of what's going on. And some people might not know the, like the different types of channeling there are there are people who are what they call like deep trance channelers, who will go into like a very deep trance and channel and have no memory whatsoever of what's happened. When that and I get the feeling that when you describe yourself as a conscious channel, that's not the experience that you're

Susie Beiler:

not my experience. Yeah, I don't always remember what comes through. Because sometimes the energy is intense. Sometimes there's a lot of information. I don't always retain it. But I am the way it works for me is I'm a clairsentience. So I feel very, very deeply very acutely. So I'll feel the energy will ask a question, I'll feel the energy of the answer. And then I My job is to find words, to match up with the energy I feel. And that's, that's the imperfect part, right? Like, I just want to be clear that this is not an infallible scientific practice. This is an imperfect, you know, situation where I'm receiving the energy, and I've got to find words to put to it. And in most cases, I'm pretty accurate. But you know, I'm, I'm human, I have my filters. Right. So my interpretation of the energy might not always be 100%.

John Moore:

Yeah, yeah, in for me, when I had to learn. And this was really hard, I had to learn to put as little interpretation on it as possible. I had to put enough, I had to describe things enough to get the message across. But the more I tried to describe and interpret and this could mean this and this could mean that then I'm like, I'm just putting my own stuff on top of that, right? I'm just, you know, this may or may not true. So I learned to trust to trust and sort of surrender kind of early on ago. I'm just gonna tell you what happened. I'm just gonna give it to you. And it may or may not mean anything to you. And 99% of the time, people are like, Whoa, I don't know how you knew that. And like, I don't know how I knew that either. And I probably didn't know that somebody else knew that and just gave me the information I don't want to take, I don't take credit for anything. I've just a mouthpiece at this point.

Susie Beiler:

I'm just the messenger.

John Moore:

So if it's accurate, you know, thank them. You know, you can thank me for not trying to interpret it using my very limited human brain. And that's about it. But yeah, I mean, the the I hadn't done any channeling before and I you know, shamanic practices you know, you're doing similar things and that you're merging with helping spirits a lot and you're staying merged with them but I had a teacher when they should just like you're going to work on murder channeling you are going to you are going to channel and I was like, I don't know, you know, I don't know if I can do this. And it turned out to be just a really really incredible experience. And I guess maybe I maybe I hold it back and don't do it so much because it don't do so much publicly. And maybe I should but I like it's a little bit sacred for lack of a better term like I kinda like, hold on, hold on to it on my own. And I, I will do it with people that I'm close to and that I that, you know, have a level of understanding and that sort of thing. So I don't know, maybe I'm holding myself back a little bit.

Susie Beiler:

What does your soul say about John?

John Moore:

That's a good question. I should check in. Yeah, I mean, my soul wants to be out. My soul wants to be everywhere, and out and about. So that's why, you know, I'm, I'm all over the place. That's, that's, that's a big part of it. But But yeah, I mean, I should do, I should do some more of that. But I do think that there are a lot of people maybe who channel who channel wisdom, maybe not directly, the maybe they're not trance channeling or that sort of thing. But there are a lot of people who get messages from spirits stuff comes through. And like, I don't know where I got this from, or I don't know where I got this from. And I know lots of people are sort of unconscious clairsentient people, just like, I don't know why. But I feel like I have to go do that this right now. And my mom, my mom was my mom is one of those people where I years and years ago when I was in college, my aunt passed away all of a sudden, the middle of night brain aneurysm. So it was like she wasn't sick. There's nothing expected. It was really weird. And she was declared brain dead at like 425 in the morning. And at that exact moment, my mom shot straight up in bed, looked at the clock, looked at my stepfather and said, Something's happened. I'm going downstairs to sit by the phone and went down and sat by the phone until a couple hours later, somebody somebody called her to tell her what had happened. But yeah, so I could never get away with it. My mom always knew, my mom always knew it was up to no good.

Susie Beiler:

moms know anyway. But then, on top of that, I want to say I want to say that we are all channels, yes, we all bring through information, wisdom, fluff, crap, whatever we all bring stuff through. And it's important that we make a choice about what we're going to bring through. Yeah, yeah, that's very important. And when I really learned that lesson, hardcore when I started channeling, you know, several months into it, I started having all these beings wanting to use my voice to speak. And I was like, oh, like, no, yeah, you're not the right frequency, or, you know, I really had to set a boundary with the light realm and say, This is the energy I'm bringing through. Nothing else. So yeah, we, we are all channels, whether we, you know, bring through spirit or something else, we're all channels, and we need to make a choice and set boundaries about what we will bring through these vessels.

John Moore:

That is a that is a really good point. And one of the things I talk about with people who are studying with me, for example, is that once you start to do this work, you light up, right, like you're lit up. And, you know, we exist, as you said, on all of these different realms and playing simultaneously. But we may not be really lit up. And there are lots of beings, there's just sort of like, oh, that's just another person that you know, whatever. And then you're like a neon light, all of a sudden, in the middle of the desert, and lots of beings are going to be attracted because they're like, Oh, here's somebody who can I can communicate with or communicate through. And it's not necessarily that they are quote, unquote, evil beings, but they're just, you know, it's like picking up hitchhikers. You know, you don't necessarily want to just open yourself up to every, every being out there, you do want to have those boundaries. I think that's a really good point to make with people I've worked worked with and met a lot of people who sort of blew their doors wide open. Usually, usually through the use of entheogens or hallucinogenic drugs, take everything under the sun, and then they come in and I can see beings just flying like bugs flying around their head and their eyes don't focus. And I've seen people who are seeing things like in the physical world, but not looking at them just like reaching over and grab because they're not looking through their own eyes. At that point, they've picked up hitchhikers and that you start to lose that boundary between what's you and you know, because oh, all of a sudden I have these I can I have the second sight ability. Well, that's cool. If it's yours. It's cool if it's your second, right.

Susie Beiler:

You know, this is I get a transition because this is why the sole power is imposed. Zumba is so important that yeah, we're really teaching people how to get in touch with their essence, their soul, I have a practice that I do with activating the soul essence. And that's going to be something that's part of the soul power symposium for the entire 13 days people will have access to that video to work with the material of activating their soul essence, and cultivating the soul essence, so that we're filling ourselves with us, not other things, not other beings. Right? That's really important.

John Moore:

Fill up. That's great. And for those we taught, we've touched on a little bit, but the soul power symposium is this 13 Day event that's happening at the kind of the search June 20. Oh, the solstice June 21. Yeah, that, gosh, I don't know, I didn't put that together in my head. June 21. There are what 12 1211

Susie Beiler:

presenters plus myself, okay.

John Moore:

So 11 presenters, I happen to be one of them. So if you enjoy my podcast, I will definitely include I will include links to all of Susy stuff, but there will also be links to that. And where that is particularly time sensitive. I mean, I apologize if you're live listening to this two years from when we're putting it out there. But if you're hearing this in the beginning of June, and this, and I say this, because of myself, this is what I do, I'm like, I see something like, Oh, that's really cool, I want to do that I'm gonna register for that tomorrow. Like, don't do that, because you're gonna go where was that link again, you know, whatever, just click on the link and and, and go register for that you will not regret it. I am going to tune in to all of these different teachers. And I think our chat was really cool. As we had a really cool chat about soul stuff about this, this, all of this stuff. So I think it's I think it's a really fantastic opportunity to really become empowered. And this is, this is the kind of stuff that I love that I absolutely love about spiritual work this this really like, let's discover who you are at a core level, it's discover how powerful how incredibly powerful you are, you're going to surprise yourself.

Susie Beiler:

And I really want to highlight June 21, because that's when the Prime Creator channeling will be available for free for 24 hours during 21st. That's the solstice June 23. Don't forget, and that is the foundation for the entire symposium. So if you miss the channeling, you kind of miss the foundation for the whole thing. So please what John said, register now so that you get the emails to remind you. Yeah, and to receive the content June 21 is a big day.

John Moore:

Yeah, yep. And, you know, I, I, you know, I follow the Wheel of the Year. And so those are the solstices and equinoxes. And half in the halfway points between those super important days, they're there days of big transitions where you can where things like big shifts can happen, just because of the energy of the planet and the sun and what we're going through. And it's a really, really good time. And I summer solstice, in particular, for me, is a great time to begin anything. I don't know if other people find that, but it's a really good place to start. Where Winter Solstice for me is I'm almost going into hibernation by that point. I'm celebrating. I'm celebrating all the hard work that I've done. But I'm almost ready to go into hibernation. But June 21, I am ready to hit the ground running and work on whatever it is I'm working on. So definitely, definitely get registered for that. Well, we are we've been talking for just about an hour, it doesn't seem like that I could, I'm sure talk to you for a lot longer. And I would love to have you on again sometime. But I want to I want to thank you for coming on. And I also want to give you a chance if there's any sort of last messages or last anything you want to talk about before we before we

Susie Beiler:

yeah, we'll just invite everyone to put a hand over their belly over their solar plexus and just take a nice deep breath and just feel yourself grounded in your body.

They just invite you to set an intention now for what you want in your life for your sole mission for your life purpose.

if there's something that you desire that would make executing your life mission easier for you just ask for that now as you breathe

is done. It is done. It is done

John Moore:

thank you, thank you very, very much. It's been it's been so delightful having you on and I'm so looking forward to June 21 coming up. I'm super, super excited about it. So thank you again, we'll definitely have you on again. So, you'll you'll, you'll hear you'll hear some music again and somebody else's somebody else's voice and then and then and then we'll end the right button


You have been listening to speaking spirit with your host, John more. For more info or to contact John go to maineshamin.com That's MAINESHAMAN.com

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John Moore is an irreverent spiritual teacher and shamanic practitioner. Having spent over two decades in the corporate world as a computer scientist, John entered a "dark night of the soul." This manifested as a mental, physical, and spiritual crisis. This crisis, as John would learn later, was an archetypal call to shamanic initiation.

John dove headfirst into the practice of shamanism, looking to his Celtic and Norse ancestral line. He has explored altered states of consciousness, becoming a certified hypnotherapist and meditation instructor.

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